Thursday, February 3, 2011

Playing earnings gaps in after-hours and pre-market Part 2

Ok, so someone in Charts Gone Wild chatroom pointed me to the web-based platform from Think or Swim for AH and pre-market charts... It turns out I already had setup a paper trading account with them, so now I can get real-time charts in AH and pre-market, even when I'm at work (and for free, which is even better)! So anyway, here's the BIDU AH chart that I meant to post a couple of days ago, with my entries and exits. It's important to note that you won't always get filled at the price you set, so don't be disappointed if you didn't get filled. There's no point in chasing a stock in AH, just move on and find another earnings trade!

So for tonight, I set an order to buy JSDU in AH at 20.11, where I saw some support. And I also set an order to short LVS at 47.97, where there was some resistance. I may not get filled, but if I do, I will be long/short these stocks at a price that gives me a good R/R.

Otherwise, I took a few good trades in CELL, GMCR, TA and SGI. Here's a quick view of the trade that I took this morning in SGI. The stock had gapped up significantly on good earning:

And I had one terrible loss in BORN today, as I got filled ~$0.60 lower than my stop:

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  1. I got washed out today too, but at 12.25! Also broke one of my rules and added to a losing position :(