Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Watchlist for March 29th 2011

The markets are consolidating here and it seems like we may be setting up a range from ~1,260 to 1,340 on the S&P... I wouldn't be surprised if we touch the top of the range, near 1,330 - 1,340 and head back down... but we'll see!

Either way, I'm already long some LNG, NVDA and WNR. And here's what I'm watching for tomorrow: ICO, WTI, TFSL, TRC, GWW, EXEL, MOTR, BEXP, MRO, ARAY, SRZ, KLAC. You can see some of the charts below...

I have buy stops on several of these, and if the market rips higher, I'll be entering several positions!

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