Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week of June 10, 2012

Futures are way up tonight, so we should gap up tomorrow. The key level is 134 on the SPY and we'll probably gap above that. I'm not going to chase such a big gap up, but I wish I was more long in my acocunt! In any case, I'll be looking for dips to buy and particular stocks that breakout on volume. Breakouts should have lots of follow-through on monday!

I'm not posting any charts, but here's some sstuff I'm watching: Long: HUSA, ZNGA, RCON, GTIM, ROYL, GNE, NCIT, ONTY, ARNA, SGI, RST, END

I like the small caps on big up days because they can run 10-15% if there is decent follow-through!

Good luck!

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