Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great day!

I had a great day and entered several new positions this morning. In fact, I got triggered in almost all the buy stops that I had set the night before. I was even long 150% at some point (on margin), so I decided to scale back and take profits on most of my positions before the end of the day. Now I have only 1/2 or 1/4 positions left. I don't recommend using margin overnight, as you never know what can happen!

Anyway, the solars have been on fire lately, so here's one trade in JASO that I closed today.

I also had some successful daytrades in CPE, GTE, NCT. I took a loss in STP, and I'm still holding onto AVNW, CPE, CSIQ, ETFC, JAG, RDN, RFMD, RRD, WFSL, XNPT  and XING(short).

And here are a few names to watch tomorrow (some have low volume so be mindful of checking this first before you buy): ACOM, AEL, AHS, BCSI, BBEP, IBCP, GMXR,  MMR, MU, PWAV, THRX, TIVO.

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